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ABC Proves Janet's Superbowl Snafu Was No Accident

In a move that illustrates television as a whole and specfically ABC is indeed slouching toward Gomorrah, Monday night football was running naked women yet again.

I didn't see the segment in question, but according to an article on Sport's Illustrated:

ABC's "desperate" bid at cross-promotion backfired on Monday Night Football.

The network's steamy intro to the Philadelphia-Dallas game, featuring a naked Nicollette Sheridan jumping into the arms of Eagles receiver Terrell Owens, drew complaints from viewers and the NFL.

ABC Sports apologized Tuesday for the segment, used a day earlier to promote the hit show Desperate Housewives and broadcast just nine months after another football flap -- the Janet Jackson Super Bowl fiasco.

Where to begin? The promo is dehumanizing, the show is dehumanizing, and it is just downright depressing that this is the best entertainment ABC has to offer.

I guess I'm not missing much keeping my TV in the closet.


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