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This Will Be One Ugly Election

Here is a story about voter fraud that will worry any supporter of the President. And, it turns out, this one is close to home. Here at the University of Minnesota Law School, I've received flyers from "non-partisan" voter "protection" groups to ensure that Republicans don't steal the election like they did the last time. Last week, the neo-Marxist National Lawyers Guild was holding training sessions. The non-partisan contact person had an email address at wellstone.org. Here is a great post that was in the Law School e-newsletter:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is interested in finding
law students who are willing to serve as Democratic poll watchers in
South Dakota. They anticipate a very close Senate race this year, and
they would like to make sure that every legal vote counts and that no
voter fraud occurs. In particular they want folks to help out at
polling places on Native American reservations.

(Oh, I should mention the contact person for DSCC and the NLG is one and the same.)

Ironically, the Democrats want more workers on the reservations, those same reservations that were the source of massive votes for Tim Johnson in 2002 and raised many suspicions of serious voter fraud. I'm sure they want to "protect" the integrity of the system. As though there will be swarms of Republicans ready to intimidate on the reservations. Seriously. This is going to be an ugly and fraudulent election. I'd like to say that neither party has a monopoly on virtue, but today's crack-cocaine story about sums it up for me as far as what the Democrats will do this time around. As Hugh Hewitt says, "If it's not close, they can't cheat." Bush landslide, please.


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