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The Shape of the Catholic Legal Academy

One of the promising new developments taking place in the era of the "new evangelization," is the revival of Catholic scholarship. While Catholic philosophy and jurisprudence might be said to be the anchor of this intellectual renaissance, it has taken Catholic legal scholarship a bit longer to catch up. However, a group of young Catholic legal scholars has developed a blog dedicated to developing an authentically Catholic outlook on the substantive areas of law and juriprudence. The blog can be accessed at mirrorofjustice.com. Expect to see numerous postings from this blog in the future.

At the moment, however, there is an interesting (and sometimes) frustrating conversation going on over at MOJ regarding Catholics, politicians, and the Eucharist. It may be troubling for some to witness the almost reflexive anti-Bush responses from some of rising Catholic stars in the legal academy. The debate is worth looking at to examine political outlooks (and to a certain extent, the state of Catholic moral theology and social thought) within the Catholic academy today. I have to give kudos to my friend Prof. Rick Garnett for keeping the debate grounded in common sense (and maybe even orthodoxy?). You decide. Check it out.

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