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The Crisis of the American Male

One of the most important cultural trends in modern America (and I suppose the West in general) is the feminization of the American male. Modern feminism and the breakdown of the family have had a profound influence on the development of males in our society. Because a large portion of young men grew up without fathers, or were unfortunate to grow up as children of the Children of the 60s (who still act like children), boys do not know how to be men.

This cultural phenomenon has created a situation in which young men can be either characterized as "wimps" or "barbarians." Terrence Moore, an ex-Marine and classics professor, who now runs some high schools in Colorado wrote this fantastic piece in the Claremont Review of Books of which I am a subscriber and huge fan. Moore dissects this phenomenon of the crisis of manliness and what can be done. In a follow-up article called Heather's Compromise, Moore describes how he sees young women responding to the world of "Wimps and Barbarians."

Needless to say, we will be blogging more about this phenomenon, which from our perspective represents a deep sickness in the culture that trickles down into all areas of society. In the mean time, I wanted to let you all know about these articles, as well as a new book by Brad Miner, former literary editor at National Review. It is called The Compleat Gentleman and explores the basic elements of what makes a gentleman, and what things we need to encourage to renew these virtues among the men of today. In particular, Miner makes the claim that a gentleman is simultaneously a warrior, a monk, and a lover. I love it! Sounds strangely like Hilaire Belloc's message in "The Four Men" -- a must read and a real classic. Remember, a gentleman loves good beer and fine scotch as well!

More on this soon....


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