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Story of a Story of a Soul

I went to see the new Therese movie the other night. It just squeaked into town for a week or so, and I had received some free tickets, so my wife and I decided to do our part to support "Catholic media."

The movie is definitely done in a true Theresian "little way." The film grain was distractingly grainy at times, many shots seemed out of focus, and the script seemed more like a series of episodic moments of Therese's life than a story. Perhaps a new genre? At any rate from a technical standpoint it leaves much to be desired.

I never felt that I connected with Therese, so I didn't really care much about what happened to her. There were a few humorous scenes in the convent that got the audience of eight laughing (my wife and I being 25% of the crowd) but it wasn't enough.

There were some touching moments, and I'm sure a few parents will relate to the "daughters leaving home" scenes, but as a whole it was a disappointment.

I'm sure the cast and crew did the best they could with what they had, but I think they should have tried to do less, or held out for more. Then again, maybe this was their way of capturing Therese's littleness. Enough pontificating for now.


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