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Sexual Abuse Could Cost You Your Church

As you may be aware, the Catholic Archdiocese of Portland has declared bankruptcy in an attempt to bring about financial solvency in the face of mounting sexual abuse lawsuits.

What you may not know, is every parish in the archdiocese could conceiveable be sold in the process. According to the October edition of the Catholic World Report (not available online), while cannon law views the archdicoese as a trust for individual parishes, the secular organization of the archdiocese is such that the property of each individual parish is all owned by the archdiocese.

The multi-million dollar question is whether the secular courts will allow cannon law to govern in this case (somehow, I don't think the proponents of the separation of Church and state will argue quite so vocally on this one). With only $50 million in assests and lawsuits in excess of $165 million pending, and more on the way, the property of the archdicoese, valued at $300-$500 million, becomes an attractive target.

Bottom line, the Son of Man may not be the only one with nowhere to lay his head when all is said and done.


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