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See No Evil, Hear No Evil

There is a sophisticated foreign policy theory making the rounds in the global political community of which we should all take careful note. For those of you who haven't been following this, it's called the Sand Doctrine. It runs something like this:

If a state, nation or power is committing atrocities, and this fact comes to the attention of another state, nation or power, the concerned nation's proper course of action is to politeley ask the offender(s) to reconsider their actions. Having done such, the concerned nation should, according to the Sand Doctrine, proceed to forcefully place its collective head in the sand, thus assuaging any lingering concerns it may have.

Now if another state, nation, or power should come along, with similar concerns, and being unsatisfied with the Sand Doctrine, proceed to take unilateral action against this same agressor, perhaps through some show of force, the previously concerned nations shall promptly remove their heads from the sand, and chastise this nation for destroying their illusions of peace.

I know this sounds like an abstract satirical exercise, but I'm not making this up. According to CNN, Kofi Annan just invoked the Sand Doctrine yesterday. Check it out here.

While unenlightened statesman may still cling to the erroneous notion that exposing evil makes it less harmful, proponents of the Sand Doctrine have learned that safety, security, and peace are truly in the eye of the beheaded, err, I mean beholder.

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