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Rainbow Sash Part II

The Rainbow Sash Alliance, part of the Rainbow Sash movement is gearing up for another public demonstration in a Catholic Church near you November 7th. Apparently the goal this time around is:

[P]art of the larger, national effort, and comes under the shadow of the recent demand from Rome, sent via Archbishop Flynn, that St. Joan of Arc Parish take off of its website information about the parish's participation in the 2004 Twin Cities Pride celebration. 

While I can appreciate a desire on the part of the bishops not to politicize the Mass, particularly Communion, action will need to be taken at some point in time if these confrontations continue.

In my Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, home to some of the leading Sashers (as best I can tell), there was a show down at the Cathedral on Pentecost between Sashers and "Guardians of the Eucharist" during mass which was distracting for all involved, and it looks like a repeat is on the horizon, as we have confirmation that Sashers will be at the Cathedral of Saint Paul on Nov. 7th.

This action also appears to be partially in response to a crackdown on St. Joan of Arc, a "liberal" parish in the Archdiocese, for their liturgical abuses. It will be interesting to see how all this unfolds.

Come Lord Jesus!


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