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Muslims Not Playing Nice - Blockade Catholic School

While John Kerry and company wonder why we can't just get along with the Muslims, this article from The Jakarta Post serves as a harsh reminder that some Muslims aren't always so reasonable.

I reproduce the entire article here, as the link was a little sporadic:

Workers demolish wall blocking Catholic school

JAKARTA (AP): Indonesian officials Monday knocked down a brick wall erected by a hardline Islamic group to block access to a Catholic school it accused of converting local Muslims, police and school officials said.

The Sang Timur Catholic school to the west of Jakarta was closed in early October when the Muslim group built the two-meter-high wall in front of its gates.

Local government workers demolished the wall hours before former Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid, who is a well-known interfaith activist, arrived to discuss the issue with local people.

"The former president said we need to be tolerant of each other," said Derikson Turnip, a priest at the school. "We should not resort to violence because of our differences."

Christians make up about 10% of Indonesia's 210 million people.

More than 80% are Muslims, making it the world's largest Islamic country.

Turnip had previously denied the school was trying to convert local Muslims.

It wasn't clear why the local government knocked the wall down Monday after allowing it to stand for three weeks.

Muslims and Christians mostly live in harmony, although disputes are often sparked over the building of new churches and aggressive proselytism.

I don't think the Koran explicitly condemns the construction of walls around Catholic schools, but surely there is a better way to respond to proselytism.


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