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Israel Blackmailing Bush Over Nazis Past

In a move that casts a tinge of doubt on Michael Moore's already tenuous claim that Bush and the Saudis are best buds, the Saudi government daily Al-Riyadh ran an editorial the other day regarding accusations that Bush's grandfather collaborated with the Nazis to bring Hitler to power.

Apparently, Israel got ahold of these doucments and has been using them to blackmail the Bush administration into serving their interests, or so the Saudi story goes.

"The delicate question is whether Israel cooperated with the ruling Bush family while knowing these secrets, according to the principle of whoever does you excellent service is your ally, even if in the past he had [ties] with the Nazis? Or perhaps this information is inaccurate or fictitious, and its publication has come at a time when the investigators don't have time to conduct a thorough investigation and to defend Bush, since the elections are fast approaching.
And regardless of whether these tales are true or not, the editorial concludes, "In any event, it is Israel that has gained the most from this."

And here I was complaining that our media had an agenda!


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