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Iraq Unplugged

While the media seems to be running stories on Iraq every day, they never seem to give you a sense of what life is really like over there. Based on the papers, you would think every person in Iraq witnesses a car bomb or a kidnapping daily.

Enter another Iraq documentary that opens this week, Voices of Iraq. Apparently, the producers gave video cameras to 150 Iraqis and had them provide accounts of their lives in their own words.

According to the official website:

Beginning amidst the Falluja uprising in April, going through the marshlands in the South, the Kurdish communities in the North and ending in September of this year, thousands of ordinary Iraqis became filmmakers to reveal the richness, complexity and emotion of their lives.

I'm not sure what agenda, if any, the film offers. While it claims to uphold the sacred value of "objectivity," as a video editor, I know firsthand that what you keep and what you cut is the difference that makes all the difference, but it should be an interesting film nonetheless.


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