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Advertising Enters The Matrix

While a few of us are still living outside the matrix, the number living inside is soaring, and advertisers are chasing the green pill. The fact that the $10.7 billion spent on video games surpassed box office receipts means there is money in them thar consoles, and now there are ads too.

From an advertising perspective, it makes sense, but as more real brands find their way into virtual worlds, the distinctions between the two become blurred. As the article notes:

Billboards in a subway scene could feature a new movie trailer one day and the hottest new energy drink the next. Promotions could be tailored to geography, so that players in New York and California might see different versions of a car ad.

While consumerism may appear as a prominent theme, I'm not so sure there will be many churches appearing on the streets of Grand Auto Theft 4. In fact, you can bet that religion will be largely erradicated from these "virtual worlds" unless of course the U.S. bishops ante up some advertising dollars...


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Very good to know. Nice spot!

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